Millennials and K-12 Schools:
Educational Strategies for a New Generation

Lifecourse Associates
Release Date:
Oct. 2008
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About This Publication

In this new application book, Neil Howe and William Strauss explain how the Millennial Generation of students has been shaking up today's schools—from hyper-involved parents to new issues over school security, from shifting perceptions of “college-ready” and “school-to-work” curricula to the struggle to get pressured, consensus-oriented students to think outside the box. In the book, co-published with the American Association of School Administrators, Howe and Strauss also analyze the recent shift from Boomer to Generation X parents and the new Gen-X focus on accountability, transparency, and choice. And they explain still other generational changes shaking up today's teacher corps. For each issue, the authors offer a hands-on list of "what to dos" for anyone involved in K–12 education.

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