Millennials Go To College:
Strategies for A New Generation on Campus (2nd Edition)

Lifecourse Associates
Release Date:
Jun. 2007
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About This Publication

This updated edition of Millennials Go to College features new data on the Millennial Generation, confirming how they are changing higher education. The authors address issues ranging from the rise of ratings-driven admissions to the rising burden of student loans, to greater challenges facing career counselors, to the new transition from Boomer “helicopter” parents to Gen-X “stealth fighter” parents.

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Praise for the Millennials Series

“It’s hard to resist the book’s hopeful vision for our children and future. Many of the theories they wrote about in their two previous books—Generations and 13th Gen—have indeed come to pass.”
— NEA Today

“Forget Generation X—and Y, for that matter. The authors make short work of most media myths that shape our perceptions of kids these days.”
— The Washington Post

“Kids who are confident, protected, team-oriented. In the case of Millennials Rising, students and administrators say they can already see indicators of the trends predicted by the authors.”
— The Chronicle of Higher Education

“Their book illuminates changes that really do seem to be taking place.”
— New York Times

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