Millennials Rising:
The Next Great Generation

Release Date:
Sep. 2000
Page Count:

About This Publication

A decade ago, in Generations, Strauss and Howe predicted many of the youth trends America is beginning to see today. Now, in Millennials Rising, the authors show how today’s teens are recasting the image of youth from downbeat and alienated to upbeat and engaged. The authors also show…how Millennials are held to higher standards than adults apply to themselves how they’re a lot less violent, vulgar, and sexually charged than the teen culture older people are producing for them how, over the next decade, they’ll entirely recast what it means to be young and how, in time, they could emerge as the next great generation.

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Praise for this Book

“Move over Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers. The Millennials have arrived…”
— Washington Times

“The book is stuffed with interesting nuggets. It is brightly written. And it illuminates changes that really do seem to be taking place.”
— New York Times

“This is a cheerful book, full of many welcome and refreshing truths about the next generation.”
— Christina Hoff Summers

“In discussions with a sampling of local Millennials, almost all of them said they agreed with the authors’ conclusions.”
— Cincinnati Enquirer

“When you look on their group as a whole, what you see is an overwhelming majority of great kids. This can-do youth revolution will overwhelm the cynics and pessimists," predict Howe and Strauss in Millennials Rising.”
— Modern Maturity

“Kids who are confident, protected, team-oriented. In the case of Millennials Rising, students and administrators say they can already see indicators of the trends predicted by the authors.”
— The Chronicle of Higher Education

“To treat the Millennials as a mere extension of Generation X would be a gross error. Today’s kids are different and deserve to be treated differently.”
— Next Wave

“It’s hard to resist the book’s hopeful vision for our children and future. Many of the theories they wrote about about in their two previous books—Generations and 13th Gen—have indeed come to pass.”
— NEA Today

“Strauss and Howe are in a somewhat unusual position for long-term prophets: Their predictions tend to be right.”
— John J. Reilly

“Forget Generation X—and Y, for that matter. The authors make short work of most media myths that shape our perceptions of kids these days.”
— Washington Post

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