Millennials in the Workplace:
Human Resource Strategies for a New Generation

Lifecourse Associates Inc
Release Date:
Mar. 2010
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About This Publication

Everyone notices that the rising generation of young workers is different, from their early career planning to their desire for instant feedback to their comfort working in teams. Most managers see this youth workforce as a merely a liability or a challenge—but Millennials in the Workplace reveals how they could be an asset and an opportunity. Find out who the Millennials really are, what they’re looking for in their careers, and how employers, educators, and policy makers can maximize their workforce potential.

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Neil Howe…

  • Coined the term “Millennial Generation”
  • Was Featured on CBS’s 60 Minutes for his insights about Millennials
  • Was featured on the PBS Generation Next 2.0 special by Judy Woodruff
  • Is a bestselling author of nine books on American generations

Ten Tips from Millennials in the Workplace